• Ben Osborn

What's going on here then?

Aup. My name's Ben.

I'm into stuff. Good stuff though not crap stuff. Music, films, tv, sports, travel, food, all sorts. So i thought i'd write a blog about some of the stuff and experiences i come across.

I like recommending things you see. I don't know why, but i get a bit of joy out of it. I suppose it's as simple as wanting someone else to experience the same thing you did. So yeah, i guess that's where this blog was born. Also, i've found myself looking at blogs and other internet sites in the past for recommendations and reviews on things, so i thought i'd have a go at it.

Now, a bit about me. I'm a 25 year old lad from Derby, currently living in Sheffield, after spending 8 years in Nottingham. I live with my girlfriend of 3 years, Laura, and my dog who's just turned 6, a chihuahua named Khaleesi (big up Game of Thrones). I'm shite at spelling and I have no 'professional' experience in anything really, apart from football. I know 5 chords on the guitar & I buzz off getting stuck into a good film. I enjoy travelling the world, seeing new places and trying new food.

When it comes to my reviews, I would like to reiterate that i'm no expert - far from it. I've been bang into my music for years, with going to gigs being one of my favourite things to do. I love a good film & I've learnt to appreciate the arts and everything that goes into making one, but I am far from a film snob. Anyway, just have a read and let me know your thoughts.. hope this may help you out at some point.

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